Goodbye Leonard Nimoy

Sad news that Mr. Nimoy died. He was 83. Some would think that’s a long life. Other’s might think it was short. Mr. Spock meant so much to me because as a kid I was brought up on Star Trek. Star Wars and Star Trek. The thing is, Star Trek was more prevalent in my life because my dad used to watch it all the time. (My uncle too, he had the whole Star Trek collection on VHS) If he wasn’t watching Star Trek episodes (24/7) than he was watching the movies. I distinctly remember being very young and he would take me to the movie theaters. I honestly do not know how many times we saw Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home in theaters. You know, the one with the whales? At least 10 times. Just in the theater. That’s where my love of theater comes from.

So I had the BIGGEST crush on Mr. Spock. I don’t know what it was, but he was definitely my favorite. Maybe it’s because he sort of resembled my Dad. Maybe it was his cool, calm, and collected exterior. Whatever it was, I couldn’t wait to see what happened every week. Then my dad showed me Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan , you know, the one where he dies at the end. I was beside myself with grief. I cried and cried and my Dad felt so bad. He kept saying, “They bring him back in the next one!” while I just cried and cried some more. I cried so hard, he felt compelled to run to every video store he could find that had the copy of Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, you know, the one where he’s brought back to life. This time, he’s not coming back, and it is truly a huge loss.

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Goodbye Mr. Spock, rest in peace.

I Remember: American Psycho

When American Psycho came out, I was working at a movie theater near my home. (Of course.) It was my first real job. Well, I considered it to be a real job because it’s the only one I got on my own and that I really cared about having. Why? ‘Cause of the free movies, duh. Anyway, I was 17, and I’m pretty sure at that point I knew I would be joining the Navy. As soon as I graduated which would of been in another month.

Up until that point, I couldn’t wait to see this movie. I was obsessed with reading the magazine Premiere. Basically, anything I could get my hands on that had to do with movies. I could watch rated R movies and I loved anything with Christian Bale in it. Tell me a movie that wasn’t really good starring that man? Yeah, you can’t. He’s a really good actor. I remember paying attention to him at a really young age.

First, I had the biggest crush on him when I was about 8. He was in Disney’s Newsies, and I thought he was so hot. Then I remember seeing him in Henry V,(During my Shakespeare everything days.) when he was a small boy, and I pretty much followed his acting all the way to American Psycho. He’s brilliant.

I remember, already knowing that a woman directed this movie, and being jealous of that. It was the last showing, opening night, when I went to go see it. Practically all of the audience left during the middle of the movie. They just couldn’t take the…heat, I guess. I remember laughing at the socks and shoes part. That movie is just a classic. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing a huge addition to movies you have seen. There’s not enough time in the year to catch you up on all of the classics. This is definitely one of them. Go see it! All I have to say, when it comes to directing, you need to follow actors. Big or small.

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Currently, I am…

…going to school. I had to drop it. Beg, and pull some teeth, to get my way back. It hasn’t been easy. Then again, the paths I always choose are never easy. Well, you know what they say:

“Everything you want is right out of your comfort zone.”

So, here I am. Giving this, living-in-California thing,  another go. I’ve had a lot that’s changed in my life. I’ve especially had a lot of internal reflection since I’ve returned back to school. Here’s what I’ve discovered. I really need to practice more often. My writing. I need to do it more. Here comes an excuse: I really don’t have a lot of time. I really don’t. Right now, especially, because of school and the work load I’ve taken on. However, if I want something. I need to make the time. That’s how I’m writing right now. I must admit. It took me a little while to jump on here and make this post. I really tried to find other things to do. I do have this little window of time to accomplish stuff before I get into some heavy studying this week. Just like exercise, I fight myself on it, and I don’t know why. Why? Why do I fight? I feel fantastic after I do it. Who wouldn’t want to feel that way? This chick, apparently.

Anyway, so for real, I’m going to practice some writing. Also, there are going to be some more changes to this site. I want to give it a makeover. Do some reconstruction. Add some pictures. Maybe some links. Get back to my roots about what really makes me happy. Hopefully that will inspire others. Write about my bliss. Get some creativity flowing. S0, here’s the first step. I probably won’t be writing blogs 24/7, but there will be posts more often than once or twice a year. Even though I can’t stand it, change is good. ( I really can’t stand change-wordpress changed their whole look and I still use the classic version.) Baby steps. That’s what my grandma used to say. Baby steps.

-Jeanine Garcia

Pompeii & It Breaks My Heart

I have to point out this new movie that comes out this month. For a couple of years now, I heard rumors it was in the works. I figured it was just that, a rumor. I didn’t see any during-the-filming shots of it at all. I can’t help but feel super annoyed and angry. Well, for starters one of the actors in Pompeii comes from the HBO show Game of Thrones. Another show, that I wanted to make since I was reading the books in high school and on through the military. I’ve had this idea for a movie for a long time. Ever since I was a little girl. I was totally fascinated with the Titanic and always thought of doing a movie for that, but hey, James Cameron beat me to it. I was in high school during the time when Titanic came out. Then I was thinking, why not Pompeii. Like I’ve said before, I’m a history buff. While I was in the Navy, I started to read more on the events that happened at that time. I knew I wanted it to be a romance. I was getting more into the craft of the story, while I was in a budding relationship with my ex husband. Later, after my son was born, I used to read books about Pompeii to a curious big eyed baby. While I was in college, I doodled ideas about it a lot. My son really got into it also when he was a little bit older. Watching documentaries with me and drawing a mountain as often as he could. As well as, doodling on my sketches.

Even though, it’s a painful thing that yet another idea beat me to the punch line, I’m trying to think of it in a more positive light. I need to let it go. Let the past go. I’m pretty sure my version of Pompeii is better than whatever they put together. I have other more important ideas to dream up. I’m stepping out of the kiddie pool. I will acknowledge that its been done, accept I have good ideas, and keep improving. It’ll happen. This is just a sign that it will. Keep an eye out.                                Pompeii doodles

Review for Anonymous

Anonymous. Such a great movie. I am in complete awe of whoever wrote this movie. This review may not be very long, but the facts about this movie must be pointed out. For starters, I must say ,that maybe the writer (or writers) got the idea from the news. I remember not to long ago there was a bit of hubbub in the media concerning the fact that Shakespeare may or may not have written all the plays by himself back than. So, I would say, this was a good diving board to jump off  of when writing this drama. Then there was the way they took the politics of the time that Shakespeare lived in  and morphed it into a beautifully shot movie. It certainly motivated me when I watched it to think hardcore about my writing. After this movie, I decided I should keep my writing on my computer and in journals. (I have a lot of ruled journals from college and I figured putting them to good use this way, would keep me from wasting them. Plus, around September, the back to school sale makes them cheap.) I feel, even though this story may or may not be real, they stayed true to the spirit of Shakespeare.

There was, however, a few things I didn’t like about the movie. What I didn’t like, was how confusing it was to decipher who was Shakespeare’s actual son and who was just his son’s friend. Something they sort of clear up at the end, but it still really confuses me, and here’s why. They have a lot of cutting back to the past, when Shakespeare was  much younger, and then jumping to the future. Both actors who play the son and the younger Shakespeare sort of look the same. If anyone has ADD like I do, that can be confusing. Also, the guy who plays Ben Johnson, seemed to overact, in my opinion. Nevertheless, it’s still an excellent film and worth watching. Or owning, I bought it the second it was out on DVD. Someday, I will do one of his plays. Shakespeare, his legacy is a true testament of how words never die. No picture does the movie justice. The preview is pretty sweet too.

The Paperboy (This review should of posted back in 7/1/13)

Where do I begin with this movie? I guess, I should state right now, that I’m going to ruin parts of it, so if you plan on watching it. Stop reading.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 8.53.55 AM

THE PAPERBOY stars Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, Matthew Mcconaughey, and John Cusack. It’s set in the South during the  late 1960’s and it’s narrated by the R&B soul singer Macy Gray. (I love her voice, and for a while, her music.) This sexually charged movie is, at times, difficult to watch. However, the hidden meanings and especially the acting is exceptional.

The movie starts with Ms. Gray being interviewed about the killing of a local sheriff. The reason she’s being interviewed is because she used to be the help around the house of a Journalist and his two sons (McConaughey and Efron.) McConaughey plays Ward, who is trying to become a breakthrough journalist like his father, and who is investigating the killing of the Sheriff. Efron plays Jack, who is Ward’s kid brother. Jack’s character is an average teen trying to find himself in that era. He was a pro swimmer but, like most teens, he lacks any ambition or goals for the future. He ends up falling in love with Kidman’s character. Her name is Charlotte and she is always coming around Ward and Jack’s house. The reason she sticks around is because Ward and his partner, Yardley, are trying to prove the innocence of her boyfriend (played by Cusack.)  who was charged with the killing of the Sheriff.

Charlotte is this sex addict, who writes to men in prison (for some reason,) and her main goal is to help free Cusack so she can marry him. Cusack’s character, Hillary,  hunts and kills alligators. There is this one scene, that is extremely uncomfortable, where her and the convict are “reminiscing” about what their relationship could be like if he were free. What eventually happens is, with the journalists and the aid of Charlotte,  they do help Hillary to get acquitted.

However, what is so brilliant about this movie is how Hillary isn’t just a hunter of alligators. The editing of close up shots of  dead alligators, spliced with the voice over of Hillary and  Charlotte arguing, is genius. Jack is so madly in love with Charlotte that he has a sixth sense connection with her and runs to her rescue which eventually leads to him out smarting Hillary. Bringing him to justice.

Efron is really trying new roles and flexing his amazing acting muscles, and I approve. You really feel his happiness, confusion, pain,and sorrow. This was such a screwed up movie. I love it. I think there should be more movies out there that can make you feel something, especially if it’s an assortment of feelings combined for about one hundred and seven minutes.

Last of The Mohicans 4 Christmas= Grandma, I love you.

I haven’t written a review for some time. Mainly, because at the end of this year, I suffered a huge loss. My grandmother died, and she raised me, so it’s been rough to come to terms with that. I loved her and still do love her, very much. I honestly, cannot see the rest of my life without her. I’ve dealt with my fair share of ups and downs in life, but I’ve never had anyone this close to me, die before. It’s an indescribable pain. I mean, where do you go, and what do you do, when your backbone is gone?

That being said, I decided since it’s Christmas, that I would share something she shared with me when I was about 12 years old. That would be my review for Last of The Mohicans. I remember she said my sister and I could watch it, even though we were young, because it was about history. She said that we could watch anything that was historically correct. I know at that point, we were watching a lot of A&E Biographies on historical people. This movie is packed with beautiful picturesque scenes in the wilderness. Michael Mann has this subtle way of shooting scenes that are striking to look at. For example, the one scene where a bridge is mirrored in a calm river and a carriage crosses over.

Daniel Day-Lewis is an excellent actor. He was my grandmother’s favorite of all time. His role in this movie is my most favored acting. I know he got tribal tattoos for this movie and his onscreen chemistry with Madeline Stowe is steamy. The action scenes are romantic. I always wanted to be saved like that. The ending, was epic. When Cora’s sister leaps to her death for her love of the Mohican, I was forever changed. I thought it was the most amazing moving scene, I had ever seen. I knew from that point on, movies we’re my destiny, and my life has been fashioned for that purpose.

I am a huge history buff. My grandmother contributed to that through her own love of history. I feel like my father did too. He used to read Egyptian books when I was little. However, I feel mostly that the love of history might come from somewhere else. Like genetically? Anyway, because of my Grandma and Last of the Mohicans, I have found that historical fiction is my niche. Most of my ideas for stories are much like Last of the Mohicans. I encourage anyone who hasn’t seen this movie to watch it. It’s a classic.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 2.18.28 PM

I hope everyone has a good Christmas. Grams, wherever you are- I am forever grateful and will miss you. I hope I make you proud, and I promise to get out of this rut that loosing you has put me in. Here’s a first step, getting back to writing. XOXO (-Nini-)


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