Growing Up With Star Wars


I figured in honor of Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out for Christmas; I would write how I feel about the franchise. I honestly don’t remember the first time my father was watching Star Wars when I was little. I just know, I was super young. I come from a family that is huge movie buffs on my father’s side. I remember he used to take me to the movies with him, and I would play on the floor. Which had happened before I was even five years old.

We’re also a Trekkie family. Some people say you either like Star Wars or Star Trek but not both. That’s not true. I distinctly remember both and love both equally. I can honestly say, the first time I remember watching Star Wars was when my father took me to one of his friend’s house. The movie he was watching was the last Star Wars when Darth Vader takes his mask off. My dad was like, “That’s an ugly mo-fo.” I just remember feeling sick to my stomach when Luke was getting electrocuted.

Anyway, I’ve come to realize that there are many components of Star Wars that I am attracted to in my life. For instance, the planes Luke Skywalker pilots are similar to the exact aircraft I wanted to work with when I joined the Navy and became an airman. (And I did, because I always get what I want.) Also, I’m attracted to guys who are sorta like Skywalker or Solo. My Uncle was constantly watching Star Wars too. When my grandmother got custody of me, he would watch us sometimes, and he was always watching the classics. (Jaws, Indiana Jones, etc. to name a few.)

I remember that part, where Obi Won talks about Skywalker’s father being in previous wars and wanting so badly to be able to see those wars. My imagination concocted all kinds of battles. I would be so honored as to be graced by the Muse, of that kind of story, that has that sort of impact on the world.

I started working at Alderwood 7 Regal Cinemas when I was 16. Right before Star Wars: Episode I came out. I used to put my hair in these intricate braids like Princess Amidala (Or Padmé, as she was pretending to be.). It was not the best time to start a new job with no experience and a huge movie opening. My line moved so slowly. I remember, this lady stood in my line for “the whole movie,” she said and went on and on about how bad I was. I went to the bathroom and cried. Not too long after that I was fast. I could work faster than anyone there. Talking about this makes me want to apply to a movie theaters around Christmas. Just to see if I could pull it off again… but let’s aim higher than that. Shall we?

When Episode III came out, my son was already born. He was four or five months old. My ex and I took him to the theaters. He was such a good baby. He would just sleep through the whole thing. Also, there were plenty of times I played a Jedi for Halloween or Princess Leia. When my son was about three years old, or maybe two, I made an Ewok costume for him. They didn’t have any pre-made ones online, so I took a onesie and sewed fur onto it and made a little hat with ears. Then I put my hair in braids and wore a military jacket. He was so cute in that costume! Then another year, he really wanted to be Darth Vader. So he was Darth, and I was Leia, again.

Did you know, that Lucas had the most difficult time shooting the first Star Wars because the cast didn’t think the movie was going to go anywhere? They all thought is was so ridiculous that they gave him a lot of crap about it? How brilliant was it, that he started in the middle with episode IV, and worked his way out? Starting at IV? It’s genius. Writing about it gives me chills. I am in complete awe.

Stick to your vision, and the rest will fall into place. I can’t wait to see the new Star Wars. You have to know, I already got tickets for opening night with my little Ewok! May the force be with you.


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Review for Black Mass

After I saw Black Mass, I honestly didn’t think I was going to write a review on it. Then I was looking up what other writers were saying about it. This review is my humble opinion about the movie. What I thought was: it was great. It didn’t have this over the top sort of violence from scene to scene. Johnny Depp was terrifying. In a subtle way. Almost like a shark, with those piercing blue eyes and screwed up teeth. The way he was so calm but seething with anger.

The capturing of the essence of that era was on point, I thought. Aside from Mr. Depp, there was a huge cast of very good supporting actors. You know, like Egerton, Bacon, Cumberbatch, Johnson and Plemons (from Battleship). The most notable performance, though, aside from Joel Egerton– would have to be Peter Sarsgaard. I don’t think it’s an easy thing to nail a junky who finds himself in trouble with Jimmy ‘Whitey’ Bulger. He didn’t have a long time on the screen, but he is one of my favorite actors. I don’t think he gets enough credit. There would be eerie shots of Mr. Depp with other actors in a scene, and then there would be a long shot from the same angle but across the room.  It was beautiful. I’ve included my favorite trailer, to get you pumped!

Mad Max Review: Lose Your Mind!

I just came home from seeing George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road. It was so pretty. I like how Mr. Miller put this new twist on it. Almost like it was an old penny, and he just polished it up. The visuals were stunning. Also, he still had a sliver of the seventy-nine almost eighties feel it needed. It was as though the atmosphere was akin to being at a rock concert.

I highly enjoyed the fast pace. I almost felt like I knew what was going to happen because I had read so much about who was in it…and based off of trailers. However, it exceeded my expectations. I also must point out how beautiful Riley Keough is. I’ve been following her few and far between acting moments. If you don’t know who she is, I have no problem letting you know. First, She started as a model (which is part of why Mr. Miller picked her for this part, I surmise). Second, She was in one of Justin Timberlake’s music videos. Last, but not least, she is Elvis’s granddaughter. She is just as pretty as Lisa Marie, and she smolders just like her grandfather.

Mr. Miller’s revision on Max, I feel, does homage to the original but has new and inventive additions. Really, there was only one thing I couldn’t stand, and that was dialogue. There were spots where the dialogue was a little wonky to me. Which, there was not much of. Other than that, I’d say, it was more than worth the almost thirteen plus dollars one would spend. Also, I hope other theaters were packed because mine was not. That doesn’t make me happy. I think that might be because it’s Thursday, and people think it opens tomorrow. It was one of the better films I’ve seen this year. So, go see it. Who wouldn’t want to watch smoking-hot Tom Hardy maneuver his way out of compromising conditions?

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Recap on Girl Interrupted


Kurt Cobain:Montage of Heck-“I just want you to know that I don’t hate you anymore…”

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Today, I’m watching the documentary of Kurdt Cobain on HBO. It opens my heart to some many things. Kurt, the music, and Nirvana. All of these elements mean so much to me. I think when I was a teenager I had Nirvana playing 24/7. What can I say? That hasn’t already been covered? Anytime I ever forgot myself. Of who I am and where I come from. I would listen to my favorite songs of Nirvana. I had every album. I used to overload my dorm roommates mac computers from looking at tons of photos of kurt. I used to drive up to my house in Lynnwood from Cali where I was stationed at; listening to Nirvana the whole way. Putting it on full blast just as you enter the heart of Seattle…Ugh, I miss that. I think I did that drive 3-5 times. That same way. That drive from Cali is beautiful. It’s my absolute favorite. I would drive straight through, take some caffeine pills to stay awake. Get home right about mid-day. My grandma would always welcome me. My house, always smelled the same. She would give me hugs and kisses and say she knew I was tired, and I would crawl into my old bed and go to sleep. Forever it felt like. Anyway, the documentary brought a lot of those memories up. There was only a handful of home footage that I hadn’t seen, but I pretty much knew everything they put in that movie. My boyfriend was in awe of how they could scribble his words out like that. I don’t think it would be that hard to do some of the effects they did for that movie. It’s just nice to know that those things are not that hard to emulate. Guess that’s all I have for now. I just got done writing for my sci-fi class, and I’ve lost some sleep because of it. I still have more homework to do so; I’ll get to it. Go watch the documentary, it’s worth the watch. -JAG-